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We would like to say Thank You for visiting our site!

Here at Your Gecko Guy we have over a decade of experience breeding and caring for Geckos...

We offer something different from the other sites out there with our Leopard gecko care sheet. Along with our You Tube videos and our unique one of a kind leopard gecko combo morphs. We hope this will make it a little easier for you to choose us for your new pet gecko's.

We have Leopard geckos for sale and Crested geckos for sale. We also offer The Gecko Egg Organizer. Along with other Cool Stuff for Your Geckos.

We have our new Products page as well futuring our new Reptile Incubation Products. We have a few new things that will change the way you incubate your eggs.  

Here at Your Gecko Guy we offer unique combinations of genetics. Some only we have produced here. This is a little information on breeding gecko's and our projects and other fun gecko stuff that we want to share with our gecko visitors.

This is just a few thing's to look forward to in the future from Your Gecko Guy.

Leopard Gecko Morph Project's

We are working on some of our own lines that will be unique to the leopard gecko market.

White n Yellow Crosses

Yo-Go Tangerines

Yo-Go Sunglows

Tremper Snow Bold Stripes

SuperSnow Eclipse 

Patternless Eclipse ( Solar Eclipse)This is a pure eclipse patternless.

Emerine Eclipse


Bold Stripe Jungle Bell's

Patternless bell's

Super Raptor's

Snow Raptor's

Blazing Blizzard Super Snow bell

Bandit Crosses


Snow Hybino's


Giant's (Sunglow Tangelo crosses)

Super Giant's

Giant Ghoast Cream


Super Giant Eclipse

Bold Crosses


Charcole x Black Pearl

Crosses with Sub species

All of these leopard gecko's combos are in our Gecko gallery and on our You Tube channel. Plus some other gecko stuff that just looks different than everything else.

We hope you enjoyed your time on our site and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comment's Thank you for stopping by Your Gecko Guy!


We have geckos that will make great pets. Lots of adult and baby geckos for sale. We also have big and healthy leopard gecko for sale, fat tailed geckos for sale, and crested geckos for sale. We also offer all new combo morphs. We provide a leopard gecko care sheet, other gecko care sheets and how to breed geckos. Check out our gecko videos on You Tube. We try to offer leopard geckos at the best prices. We will strive to be the best gecko breeder we can, offering snow leopard geckos, enigma leopard geckos, albino geckos, and all leopard gecko morphs. Leopard geckos as pets are a great choice, we just hope you choose us.

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